Let Go

You have to normalize letting go. Whether its the past, people, or things that are no longer working. But for this post, I will focus on people. I learnt as I advanced in life, and still learning really, that people are in phases. They come, and they go. Some will stay for a very short while, while others may stay a life time. Either ways, once they serve their purpose, they will leave. The only persons, even that is not guaranteed, that would always be around are your family. Now, those who left are not bad people, and those who will stay aren’t necessary the best people. I think its just life. So, to you. Savor the moments and memories you share with others. Because, that may be all you will have after all. People come, and they go. Another angle to this is, some people may no longer be attached to you like they were when you first met. Maybe it will be due to been too familiar, or just that you no longer matter as you used to. I am picking all these possible points so as to drive home an important nugget. So, here it comes: No matter who stays, leaves, or who doesn’t treat you like you will want, “Do not loose You”. Channel your energy right and never loose focus. You owe yourself that. Peace!!!


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Hey!!!. I love to write and I'm a huge fan of creative contents. My best quote as a writer is "the pen is greater than the sword". I bring imaginations to life.