I was talking to a friend today about how some companies miss out on the best thing ever because they are judging a book by its cover.

So, I happen to come from a clime where physical appearance and “decent” looks are revered. In fact, you can be tagged a saint if you appear in a certain way without even first talking to anyone. It’s that serious.

I saw a very informative video on data units, and one of the presenter had a red hair on, pierced lip, and basically didn’t appear like someone you may term as formal looking. Where I come from, she wouldn’t even cross the security check, let alone approach the recruiters desk. But from the video she sounded informative, intelligent, and a big time asset. While I don’t condemn other peoples belief system and what they hold dear, my point is that, the prejudice isn’t necessary really. Jesus ate with thieves, dined with harlots and would let just about anyone around Him at anytime. If you need to pass a positive message to someone about something like this, how do you do it if your first move is to scare them away or make them feel unwanted?. To make any kind of change, you must first accept who people are, then you may not even need to do any talking, but they unconsciously begin to emulate the things you do.

On a different note, you can as well respect peoples belief and give everyone a fair hearing at your place of work regardless of what your inclinations to appearance are. I think productivity and efficiency should come first on the list when looking out for a staff, then other minor effects can be worked on later. But hey, it is my opinion. So, do you!!!.



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