Effective Communication

Some days ago, I got a message from someone on one of my social media pages. I didn’t know the person and we have never met before. He greeted, and I responded, and the next chat was a question about where I work. Just like that, really? What if you are an under cover agent, or an informant, would I be safe divulging such personal details about myself to you? This immediately struck a thought to put this down.

Knowing how to communicate effectively is an important skill every one must have. Know what to say, when and how to say them especially when you are meeting people for the first time. There is no second chance to a first impression. You may keep going in circles with one you should have kept close contact with because your approach was wrong. Keep it simple, but responsible. Know the boundaries and never cross them. Stay within limit until you are granted that access. It is plain rude to just get into some ones inbox and start asking about their private life. You will loose the friendship before it even starts. Know this, and know peace. Bless!!!


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Hey!!!. I love to write and I'm a huge fan of creative contents. My best quote as a writer is "the pen is greater than the sword". I bring imaginations to life.