Debug those Bugs

Chiamaka Uzuegbu
2 min readFeb 29, 2024


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Programming is interesting on different fronts.
From writing functions, to implementing complex algorithms, to consuming apis. All of these processes are what makes a software engineer revere in his skill.

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Another thriling part would be debugging.
The art of discovering step by step what could possibly be the issue with your codes, which may look perfect by the way.
Debugging gives you a better depth of what you have written. You are now focused on looking at every tiny detail. Every variable, function, or service must hold the right value. This is the beginning of unearthing any issue that may be lurking within your system.

It's great to see debugging as a necessary and important tool in your programming journey. It can be likened to proof-reading in content creation.
Even if your code works fine, it is still great to debug. That way, you are sure that everything you're returning or displaying is as it should.

Need I say, flex your debugging tool today. Make for a healthier code and application.



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